Pedro Duarte is an established composer, guitar player, and entrepreneur. He is known for his dedication to the developing and teaching of modern commercial music in Portugal and is also known to be a highly skilled performer in the guitar: a musician who embraces diverse aesthetic elements from Pop to Latin Jazz.

The Portuguese public mostly knows Pedro for being the founder of the prestigious EMMA Music School in Portugal (dedicated exclusively to teaching modern commercial music at high standards), and also for his world music influence band Kilindu. He also is recognised for his work with other Portuguese acts and artists, and also as the foremost personality in Portugal when it comes to the teaching of a vast spectrum of modern music styles for guitar.

Pedro is a highly skilled performer, composer and teacher, and a recognized specialist in Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, RnB, Funk, Jazz, Latin, World Music and Fusion. Begun playing the guitar at four years old and was self-thought throughout his teen years. He recorded his first album at age 19 and started to teach guitar locally at age 17. By his age twenty he was playing the guitar for two nationally acclaimed artists, and three additional bands, also and had recorded four records with some of his original work.

He was a student of many top players both nationally and internationally. He studied classical guitar with José Horta. Blues Guitar with António Mardel and world-class expert Michael Williams (that also thought John Mayer). Funk Guitar with Thaddeus Hogarth. Rock and Metal with Tom Hess, Joe Musella, Jon Bishop, and virtuoso axe slinger Martin Goulding. Studied Jazz guitar with Bruno Santos, Danny Ilett, Larry Baione, Tim Miller, Rick Peckham, and also with jazz virtuoso Bruce Sauders ( a licentiate colleague of John Scofield).  Pedro learnt Fusion guitar with Gonçalo Pereira, Tom Quayle and Martin Goulding; Also attended clinics and workshops by US jazz player Robert Conti, Martin Miller, Guthrie Govan, Steve Vai, Jimmy Bruno, and Pat Metheny. Also attended classes with non-guitar players, such as saxophonist Allan Chase, keyboardist Atar Shafighian, Drummer Mike Sturgis, and Flautist Matt Marvuglio. Pedro has extensively learned Song-Writing with Davey Ray Moor. Pedro continues to develop his skills on the guitar under the wing of world-class guitar virtuoso Daniele Gottardo.

He studied at a local jazz school in Lisbon before he graduated First-Class Honours Bachelor Degree in Creative Music Performance from Falmouth University (UK); graduated First-Class Honours Bachelor Degree in JTC Music Performance by Detroit Institute of Music Education (USA); completed a 4.0 GPA Master in Performance by Berklee College of Music (USA , and the Master Degree in Music, MMus with Merit by Bath Spa University (UK). Presently, Pedro is a Doctoral candidate at the PhD degree in Music at Bath Spa University, a specialist in the music performance and creation of cross-cultural styles.

As an educator it is estimated that he has taught a thousand students, many of them have pursued a career as musicians and are successful in the music business.

Occasionally featured by media, his articles about music are often published by national wide news media. His style of playing is predominantly referenced as a blend of Carlos Santana, Marty Friedman and George Benson.

Pedro’s music is supported by Stets Bar Tremolos, Vigier Guitars and Fishman, that has endorsed him with their equipment.

When he’s not composing or playing, he is often seen surfing the waves, riding one of his wooden longboards.