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Pedro Duarte is an established composer-songwriter and entrepreneur that is known for his dedication to developing and teaching modern commercial music. He is also known to be a highly skilled performer in guitar who embraces diverse aesthetic elements from Pop to Latin Jazz. Pedro has invented a new instrument called Electric Guitolao.

Founder of EMMA

The general public mostly knows Pedro for being the founder of the prestigious EMMA Music School in Portugal. Since 2009, EMMA Music School is dedicated exclusively to teaching modern commercial music at high standards), and also for his world music influence record Kilindu. Additionally, he is recognised for his work with other acts and artists, and also as the foremost personality in Portugal when it comes to the teaching of a vast spectrum of modern music styles for guitar.

Highly Skilled Performer

Pedro is a highly skilled performer in the guitar, composer and teacher, and a recognised specialist in Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, RnB, Funk, Jazz, Latin, World Music and Fusion. Begun playing the guitar at four years old and was self-thought throughout his teen years. He recorded his first album at age 19 and started to teach guitar locally at age 17. By his age twenty he was playing the guitar for two national acclaimed artists, and three additional bands, also and had recorded four records with some of his original work.

His Teachers

Pedro was a student of many top players both nationally and internationally. He studied classical guitar with José Horta. blues guitar with António Mardel and with the world-class blues expert Michael Williams (Michael Williams also taught John Mayer). He learnt funk guitar with Thaddeus Hogarth, rock guitar and heavy metal guitar with Joe Musella, and Jon Bishop, and also with virtuoso British player Martin Goulding. Pedro studied jazz guitar with Bruno Santos, Danny Ilett, Larry Baione, Tim Miller, Rick Peckham, and also with jazz virtuoso Bruce Sauders. He also learnt rock-jazz fusion guitar with the world-class virtuoso Daniele Gottardo.

His Learning

He also learnt fusion guitar with Gonçalo Pereira, Tom Quayle, and Martin Goulding; Also attended clinics and workshops by US jazz player Robert Conti, Martin Miller, Guthrie Govan, Steve Vai and Pat Metheny. Attended the Career Mentorship course with metal guitar player Tom Hess, and he also had classes with non-guitar players such as saxophonist Allan Chase, keyboardist Atar Shafighian, Drummer Mike Sturgis, and Flautist Matt Marvuglio.Pedro has extensively learned Song-Writing with Davey Moor. Pedro continues to develop his skills on the guitar under the wing of world-class guitar virtuoso Daniele Gottardo.

Academic Qualifications

Pedro is a certified teacher (CCP diploma) and a PhD in Music Doctoral candidate at Bath Spa University in England. Pedro studied at two different portuguese jazz school before he graduated in Creative Music Performance obtaining a first-class honours Bachelor Degree in the Art of Music Performance from Falmouth University (UK) and from the Detroit Institute of Music Education (USA). Additionally, Pedro is a certified Berklee College of Music Master in Guitar performance. He was awarded a Master of Music degree with Merit from Bath Spa University (UK).

Top Educator

As an educator, it is estimated that he has taught a thousand students so far. Many of those students have pursued a career as musicians and are successful in the music business.

Pedro teaches guitar, band classes, aural training skills, and career mentorship at EMMA music School and online at EMMA Online Extension School. He also hosts guitar workshops, and clinics at institutions and venues.

His Style

His articles about music are often published by national wide news media. His style of playing is predominantly referenced as having influences of Carlos Santana, Marty Friedman, Nuno Bettencourt, Satriani, and George Benson.

Pedro’s has his own guitar model by Waghorn guitars, and his music is sponsored by Stets Bar Tremolos, Vigier Guitars, and Fishman. He also his helped by RussoMusica, and G66-Fractal Audio.

When he’s not composing or playing, he is often seeking inspiration in the waves, riding one of his wooden longboards, at Sintra shore, or at Costa de Caparica. Or any place comprehended between the Algarve-Portugal to Biarritz-France, in the quest to find a decent spot where to surf a few waves and have a relaxed beer.


Tells The story

National distributed comprehensive news media often publish Pedro Duarte articles about music, and he has been invited to participate in TV talk shows, radio interviews, performing live on radio and TV shows. Even International TV.

He has featured on TV at RTP International, RTP, RTP 2, SIC Internacional, SIC, Sport TV. On radio, he as been Interviewed by top radio channels like Radio Comercial, Renascença, RDP1, Antena 1, Antena 3, TSF and even abroad on Radio Cardiff, Radio Alfa Paris. On paper, his articles and interviews were published by newspaper O Público, Diário de Noticias, Sábado, Correio da Manhã, SuperBebes and a few other publications. Online his presence is very extended from blogs to music sites.


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“The performance is beautifully delivered and polished to perfection”

— (Chuck Taylor – “Billboard USA”) —


Creating music, for you, with you


Are you a Singing Artist and you want to release a record?

Pedro will compose according to your needs in the style that you desire.
Every aspect of the composition will be debated with you to make it fit your preferences and style.
All will be decided, by you with his help. Duration, key, type of harmony, speed (BPM), rhythm, Instruments used. It will be as you define it to be. Also the theme for the lyrics. He and his team will do every task according to your specifications.
After the briefing, he takes it from there; Pedro will compose a magnificent track for you. From Brief to Final Mix. You can leave it all in his knowledgeable hands.
Pedro and his prolific professional organisation can even help you to release your Single, EP or album, promote it and set you up with a professional website. There are even solutions to relinquish full authorship on to you!

Session Musician
& Producer

Are you in need of a skilled player to record a pristine track for your recording?

Be it a heartfelt bluesy solo, or a latin riff, a jazz solo or hard rock shredding with fireworks, or just a lush acoustic guitar, Pedro is your guy.
An upcoming artist can benefit from the presence of a notable musician at his side to provide confidence and break the ice. Also, it helps to bring in someone with academic qualifications, knowledge and respect, to your act. Pedro will help you to control and manage your band. You can hire Pedro as your musical director.
If you are a singer but you don’t have a band, Pedro will assemble a top level band for you.
If you are in the music business to make money, Pedro will make it is a business to deliver a top job that will make your fans happy.
If you have a demo song and need a producer to bring it to life? Pedro will do that for you.


If you want to learn modern commercial music to a high standard, you can learn with Pedro and his team of specialists.

If you are in Lisbon, Portugal, visit EMMA Music School ( ), and enrol to the best modern and commercial music school in Portugal. Please note that all contents are delivered Portuguese at EMMA music school.
For online learning solutions, please visit and contact. There are solutions to study directly with Pedro or with other specialist performers in other instruments and voice.

and Lecturer

Universities and Professional Schools that are interested in developing music focus programs at academic levels 3, and 4 to 6, can benefit greatly to have Pedro aboard the faculty team, mostly for his international academic qualification in Music Performance and experience as an Entrepreneur. That can be as an external Lecturer or Consultant.

Pedro Duarte can help organisations (Promoters, Record Labels, Venues, Foundations, Corporations) to find solutions for music licencing or creation for marketing, music business issues or music performance activities. His international academic qualifications and experience allow for a wide span view on common problems when it comes to the decision to hire artists or bands and to negotiate deals. Pedro can provide additional insight and provide useful information.
Pedro can be involved with local or central government institutions, in their Culture departments by providing specialist expertise, connecting with music performance artist, developing implementation and marketing strategies to make each event a success.

Music & Video

Some Recent Projects

“Like your melodic content! Also, your use of interesting guitar textures and colors.”

— Frank Gambale —



Waghorn 7 String PAD Custom model w/ Floyd Rose, Graphtec
Vigier Excalibur SL Master
Gibson LP w/ EMG25 and Stetsbar Tremolo
Fender Telecaster w/ Stetsbar Tremolo
Yamaha SA2200 Archtop
Taylor 520e Acoustic
Yamaha Silent Nylon
Yamaha Pacifica
Sire 5 string Bass
Cort Acoustic Bass
Acoustic Ukulele
Electrified Cuban Tres
Electric Mandolin
Portuguese 12 string Guitar


Mesa boogie Rectifier 2×100 + 4×12 Jansen Stereo Cab
Victory Baron
Line 6 Spider 75
Roland AC90
Marshall MG Combo
Ashdown Bass Amp


Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL+ Preamp, Mod, Effects
Fractal Audio MFC-101 Controller
Fishman Triple Play MIDI Controller
Electro Harmonix Memory Man Delay with Hazarai
Nemphasis Dark Lady “Red Knobs” Distortion
Nemphasis The Muff
Nemphasis Liquid Mind Chorus
Boss Looper


DAW i7 8 core 4.2 32GM RAM
RME Babyface Pro
M-Audio Monitors
Steinberg CC121
RTAS desk
Cubase Pro 8.5
EZ Drummer w/ Expansions
Spectrasonics Trillian and Omnisphere
Amplitube 4
Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL+ top modelling and FX
Fractal Audio MFC-101
Fishman Triple Play MIDI Controller
BIaB Ultra Edition
Output Instruments


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